the so called ''independence day''!

a boring public holiday it had always been despite of the fact that india got freedom after 200 yrs of slqavery to the rule of british.i wud spend the day with leisure munching some snacks while browsing through the television channels and almost never stopping for the boring national parade or even movies about nation and freedom that would run on every channel.   but today i decided to pausde for a frew moments and actually listen to what they are saying. fior the first time ever i spent my day listening to the glorious stories of independence, people, thiteir struggle.. everything. if i put myself at thr place of those freedom fighters i might stqnd nothing. yet a question troubles me: 'why did mr.gandhi agreede to make gPakistan a country separatee from India, why did heer betrayed the pakistan's leader saying he'll make him the prime minister after india gets freedom and instead chose pt.jawaharlal nehru as prime minister.?? his struggle seems like ended in a blunder mistake because since 65yrs so many countries are burning tin the fire of terrorism. and so im bound to ask myself and the world: 'isn't it obvious that the so called independence day doesnt bring much joy to our soul???? coz im an indian scared to go to a crowded place due to fear of terrorism, scared to make good associations with people  from other religions, im an indian free to talk, live and worship yet im a slave to fear. so this is to as k oneself if we r truly independent and a successful country??

dear friends im writing this via movbile and its causing problems. please excuse spelling errors and other errors (if any). thank u.

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  1. Buddhazilla

    This was awesome! Thanx for sharing. Freedom is a very expensive occupation these days…it’s practically a myth….

    August 15, 2012
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      a virtual reality but a practical myth.. Rightly said. :-)

      August 17, 2012
  2. mandarsal

    no country is perfect so we need to take steps towards making it perfect. beside today its Pak if it wasnt for Pak there would have been some1 else ..

    ur truly free as u could think ur free

    August 16, 2012
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      yeah… Absolutely.. If it wasnt for pak it wud have been someone else… But its origin somewhere is linked with india’s freedom. Its been 65 yrs now, i doubt if that will ever come to an end.

      August 17, 2012
  3. MindLint

    I am a person of the world. The Earth is my country! The people on this planet are my family. What more freedom than to have a world of friends, those I have met and those I have yet to meet. Freedom is a state of mind like happiness. One could be locked in a jail and feel free in mind and spirit.

    August 17, 2012
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      i appreciate your fine thought.. Ofcourse freedom is like a feeling of hapiness and what freedom more than having friends from all over the world. But this is exactly i wish to point out.. We’re free by body and spirit but not mind. I dont know if this happens at d place where u live but this surely happens at d place wher i live (in India). The moment we meet anyone from muslim/islamic origin, even though we’re friends but we dont have a feeling of safety or absolute friendship in d back of the mind.. Somewher surely is a feeling of fear.. And i think not just us, even ppl from european, islamic or american countries hav an unsecure ques. In d back of their mind. And i’d call myself absolutely free when i’l be able to spend time with my friends in an absolute free and happy state of mind, be it hindu muslim or christian.

      August 17, 2012