Beware of shop wedding planners and online wedding sites

Well you can really do wonders in movies but in reality things are different and challenges are different. Today lots of people have started this business of wedding planning without any certificate and any resources and financial capacity. It feels sad to see innocent families getting trapped and looted by them.


In reality , most of the wedding planners don’t have any financial standing to conduct your wedding. They don’t have any garden or banquet , they don’t have any furniture and decorations and they don’t even have their own ideas. There way of doing business is shocking and different. They hire each and everything which is crucial in a wedding from furniture to mandaps to decor to flowers to garden to generator to DJ everything is hired for a day .The arrangements you get by a shop wedding planner and online wedding planners are already obsolete and exhausted as those arrangements frequently travel from one site to another.

Just to save some money families approach these shop and online wedding planners who generate false hopes and fake promises. They have nothing of their own except a shop and a website from which they trap their customers.

How can you book a menu on a website without actually seeing it?

How can you invest lakhs in a wedding which exist in virtual world and not in reality?

How can you believe the verbally promised arrangements without a single look of the same?

A good website does not guarantee a good wedding. How can you be so sure about those who don’t have anything of their own? How can you give advance to the wedding planners who are dependent on your money for each and every arrangement? What if they are unable to deliver the promised arrangement ? and chances of that are more as they will eventually hire the arrangement from somewhere which they may or may not get as there are plenty out there who may hire the same arrangement.

so can you really risk your wedding just by seeing good website of a wedding planner who don’t have any degree of designing and no place and no venue to get your wedding conducted? you may get your venue virtually online or through fake promises but it will be a foolishness to trust someone who is sitting in a small office and operating such a big and important arrangements just on phone.

-La vita Banquets




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Comments (4)

  1. ru5ty

    Thanks for the information, dr_prerna_singla. ^5.

    September 27, 2014
    1. dr_prerna_singla


      September 14, 2015
  2. slartybardfauster

    Is it odd that I have somewhat planned for my wedding even though I’m a guy? I’m odd like that I know, but I really like to find things that I think my girlfriend would like. Food would be a big thing at our wedding and I would love to do some of it myself. I hope my girlfriend would agree, I haven’t talked about wedding stuff with her much, maybe I should do that.

    November 18, 2014
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      It is good that you planned your wedding yourself. No we do have guy wedding planners in the industry as well. being a guy or a girl doesn’t tag you as unsuitable for a work, in fact as much I have observed the opposites are better at works… like many guys do cook delicious food. Thank you for taking time to read and comment dear friend

      September 14, 2015