Sounds like a strange practice but is largely practiced in many families of India. Unfortunately I belong to one such community. The Dowry system.. although abolished for the namesake but its so pronounced now that it is giving rise to crimes each day. If we put love marriage aside for a moment and seek for a decent arranged marriage, the guy always comes with a price tag. The first thing asked by the guy’s family is “how much can you give” rather than “how eligible is your daughter”.. I raised a question to my father as to why is still dowry practiced?? Im a doctor, I look good too, eligible and sensible enough to run a family with love nd care thn why dowry??? And my father replied: “you don’t understand kid, its there in every family. The girl’s parents have to give dowry, only then the girl is respected and loved.. only if ppl’s soul is fed with considerable dowry”. “wow!! I said.. so does that mean if I give a billion $ as dowry, thn I’ll be the queen of that family???” and my father was irritatingly silent on this and thn said: “no! you still have to work, struggle to win their hearts and make your place in the family”… but my ques kept me thinking for a while.. If I have to purchase a guy (as the whole world refers to it as purchasing a guy). Thn why not purchase a guy of my own choice with so much money rather thn proving myself to b a good eligible bride and daughter-in-law, pay so much money and still struggling to be accepted. Coz if I’m giving a huge share of money I must get a proportionate share of my position in the family. What do you have to say bout it friends???

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  1. jwcj

    I don’t believe in dowrys. or arranged marriages. A man and a woman should marry for love period !!!!

    November 22, 2012
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      wow!! I appreciate that you don’t believe in dowry.. And i really do wish all guys to b like that although i’m hoping against hope.

      November 22, 2012
  2. MindLint

    My wife came with a dowry. She came with a heart of gold, a spirit of adventure, a touch of softness, and a attitude of courage. She also came with parents who were much the same as her, but She came with wealth beyond anything a parent could have provided.

    December 01, 2012
    1. dr_prerna_singla

      but everyone doesnt have the same outlook.. everyone doesnt appreciate the priceless treasures a woman brings with her. they look for a complete package: b’ful n sexy, working n perfect in household works, modern and traditional, wouldnt go to her parents house but serve his parents… etc etc… i’ve gone through about 98 proposals for me so far.. and none asked bout my skills, my qualities as a person. all they were interested in was the money i earn and dowry i’ll bring.

      December 07, 2012